Breeding and Training Program

    Purple Peaks Ranch's breeding program combines some of the best bloodlines in American horses of today.

    We have three bloodlines that we carry:
    Smart Little Lena, Impressive, and Zippo Pine Bar.
    These bloodlines are all in our mares, and are part of our breeding program.

    We know that research has shown that the mare (X) chromosome carries certain recessive genes that produce the physical characteristics that result in exceptional performance. We ensure that our mares inherit genes from both sire and dam. After over 30 years of breeding we also know that the father cannot pass on the X-Chromosomes, and we have concluded that if you want a high athletic and winning ability, it can be traced through "the tail female line".

    We ensure that our broodmare sire is key to our successful breeding program. (See Glitters Impressive). We also imprint our colts as soon as they are born to create a learning process in which a behavior pattern is established.

    We have four major goals to accomplish:
        1. Bonding with humans.
        2. Desensitization to certain stimuli.
        3. Sensitization to other stimuli.
        4. Submission to humans.

    We have found that young horses that have been imprinted are more acceptable to training in that they have TRUST with humans. Once our colt(s) is weaned from the mother (aprox 8 weeks) we start ground training: loading/unloading, handling feet, leading, and clipping. Once the ground training has progressed, we start our two-year-old colts in the round pen and then in the mountains surrounding our ranch. Colts learn where their feet are in the forest, where there are fallen trees, rocks, and hills to climb to build muscle.

    When anyone purchases a horse from Purple Peaks Ranch, they will know that the horse has been handled, and will perform in the arena, and on the trail. Our horses have a calm disposition, beautiful heads, superior conformation, and a desire to please.